About Us

V Simplicity is a skincare and wellness brand that uses the natural properties of nature to improve the skin giving you peace of mind over time. We handcraft organic skin products especially to help you achieve your quest for a healthy, glowing flawless skin. We are a recognized unique mother and daughter duo that possess a vision to provide people with the tools to have great skin whilst eliminating the anxiety of those experiencing adult acne.


 Natural & Organic

V Simplicity is passionate about transforming the skin using high performing organic oils - derived from plants, vegetables, fruits, seeds or flowers. Plant oils are packed full of nature’s natural therapeutic properties that are soothing, nourishing, sensual and medicinal. We believe that your daily skincare ritual should be enjoyable - a way to give back some much-loved self-care time to yourself in the fast and busy world we live in.

We want to encourage women to face the mirror, by providIng honest handmade skincare that celebrates natural beauty, using high performing active exotic ingredients to improve the skin. Our original innovative formulations transform the skin encouraging women with imperfections too still to feel perfectly beautiful.

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I have suffered from severe adult acne for a long period of time which had a significant impact on my confidence and self-esteem and how I viewed myself as women. My acne was controlled by various pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by dermatologists.

The last treatment had such a serious adverse effect on my health. Resulting in me embarking on a complete lifestyle change to a much more natural treatment and journey. Upon which I successfully completed my Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation with Formula Botanica which has given me an amazing platform to formulate simple high performing skincare.



My oldest skincare memory dates back to nearly 14 years ago when I discovered my mom's facial steamer, I was hooked straight away, and my journey for healthy skin began.

Looking after our skin was something me and my mom always shared a mutual interest in. We would have regular mini pamper days, so when my mom started formulating her Dawn till Dusk Harmonising oil to help with her acne I became intrigued and with the exotic oils.

I have always been a creative person, and studying Product Design at university gave me the skills and ability that enable me to share my mom's amazing formulas with you all with my creative direction and the brand styling for V.Simplicity.


With love and gratitude

Valerie & Naomi x