About Us

A unique mother and daughter duo


V.Simplicity invites you to enter into the world of ethical luxury. Each product in our capsule collection is lovingly hand formulated for your skins pleasure.


My journey in skincare and beauty started about 10 years ago, when I completed my NVQ Level 2 in  Beauty Therapy. I have not looked back since and have become so passionate about natural skincare.

Our brand name V Simplicity is inspired by my initials VS, and my love of the simplicity of nature and exotic plants. I wanted to create a range of products which were very simple, clean, natural, organic and vegan-friendly with therapeutic plant-based ingredients.

I suffered from serve acne for longtime, which was controlled by pharmaceutical drugs. The treatments prescribed had such a devastating effect on my health, which made me more determined to educate and promote natural organic skincare. 
In 2016 I began my Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation with formula Botanica. The course has given me an in-depth knowledge of formulating simple effective skincare products based on industry standards using botanical ingredients.
In my leisure time, I started researching organic plant-based oils based on their healing properties, which then led me to formulate our first facial oil Dawn till Dusk, infused with exotic Marula oil and Tamanu oil.  



My oldest skincare memory dates back to nearly 14 years ago when I discovered my mom's facial steamer, I was hooked straight away, and my journey for healthy skin began.

Looking after our skin was something me and my mom always shared a mutual interest in. We would have regular mini pamper days, so when my mom started formulating her Dawn till Dusk harmonizing oil to help with her acne I became intrigued and with the exotic oils.

I have always been a creative person, and studying Product Design at university gave me the skills and ability that enable me to share my mom's amazing formulas with you all with my creative direction and the brand styling for V.Simplicity.

As we continue on our journey to grow our brand and to inform you of the benefits of using natural ingredients, we sincerely hope you will remain with us as we grow. We truly hope you enjoy indulging in our ethical luxury experience.

With love and gratitude

Valerie & Naomi x